WINTAPE MEASURING TAPE COMPANY, Leading Manufacturer of Customized Tape Measure

Tailor Tape

Wintape Measuring Tape Company,  Manufacturer and Supplier of tailor tapes. Wintape are specialized in producing tailor tape measure, cloth measuring tape and bra tape measure. Usually, Tailor Tape Measure is made with PVC plastics and fiberglass, Vinyl coated fiber glass,  fiberglass can make the tape more strong and flexible.

Wintape is the 1st and only one manufacturer of PE tailor tape in the World. PE materials which are PVC-free, Lead-free and Phthalates-free, The PE tailor tape is still very soft even at minus 70 degrees, its strong anti-stretching ability is highly appreciated by many clients.

Cloth Fabric Measuring Tape is very small amount of rare rare. Fabric tape measure  is made of cloth, not vinyl or pvc coated fiberglass.
Custom full colored personalized cloth measuring tape with your design.

Custom printed tailor ruler , High quality, No Minimum Order Quanities. Custom personized tailor tape measures are our strengths.

There are many ways to produce and print a tailor tape measure to meet your personalised requirements.

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