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If you are confused about how to measure the wound or baby head circumference etc in medical area. Wintape could provide the products for you to solve the problem.


Wintape medical paper tape measure


Wintape disposable paper tape measure designed to measure waist circumference measurements, the amount of abdominal circumference, doctor used in operating table,head circumference amount to the baby, the baby can use the amount of height...





Prevent reactions in patients with a latex allergy when you use these Wintape paper measuring tapes. They are made without latex to make it easier to accommodate people with allergies in your office, so you and your staff can provide the best level of patient care.


Easy Labeling

Keep track of each patient's growth and physical changes with these Wintape paper measuring tapes thanks to the convenient patient information label. Each measuring tape comes with an area to record the patient's name, measurements, and the date of the exam. Simply cut the label off each measuring tape, and affix it to the patient chart to ensure you always have the original copy of your results to refer back to.


Multiple Units

Measure in either inches or centimeters using these two-sided measuring tapes. One side is labeled with inches, while the reverse side is measured in centimeters, so you can record the units that are most appropriate for each patient visit.


Customized medical tape measure


If you want a factory to produce the medical tape measure you designed, you could choose Wintape. Producing customized tape measure is our strength. You could give us the PDF/AI/CDR files for your design, we could produce the medical tape measure as you want.



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