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Question: How to find a better and convenient way to measure the weight of pig/cattle/horse?


Wintape animal tape measure could help you measure the weight of animals.

Wintape Animal weight measuring tape is a thick, durable, vinyl coated fiberglass tape that accurately estimates the weight of horse in kilograms.Eco-friendly PVC plastic tape can pass Europe and the United States ROHS,En-71 and 6P (without phthalate) environmental testing, PE plastic tape measure especially fit Japanese market with more stringent environmental requirements. Wintape Animal measuring tape is printed meter & kg on two sides. You can refer to the animal perimeter and the corresponding weight, so as to know the animal's body weight.


We could provide customized service. We could print your customized logo on the tape measure or produce the animal weight tape measure you designed which is a good way to promote your esteemed company.

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