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1.  What kinds of product could help people measure their body fat?


Wintape body fat caliper.


(1) 100% New High quality Personal Body Fat Tester.

(2)Accurate, reliable, private, and easy to use.

(3)Measure your own body fat easily and accurately!

(4) Monitor your fat loss in seconds in the privacy of your home.

(5) Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists recommend the periodic measurement of body fat for maintaining proper health status.

(6)Package includes body fat tester, body fat measurement charts and instructions.


How to use ?


STEP 1 :the site you will use your skin -fold.Measurement is the suprailiac,approximately.One inch above the right hip bone .


STEP 2 :While standing,firmly pinch the suprailiac skin fold between your left thumb and forefinger.Place the jaws of the personal body fat tester over the skin fold while continuing to hold the skin fold with the left hand .


STEP 3:Press with the thumb where indicated on the personal body fat tester note where the sliding arrow points on the gauge.Repeat three times,and use the average as your body fat measurement.Refer to the body fat interpretation chart to determine your body fat percentage and what it means.



2. What kinds of product could help people know their BMI?


Wintape BMI calculator


(1)What is BMI?


(1)BMI (Body Mass Index) is the body mass index, based on your height and weight calculated. BMI is recognized worldwide as an assessment of the degree of obesity classification method, the current World Health Organization (WTO) are also obese or overweight BMI come to be defined.


(2)BMI is closely related to the amount of body fat indicators, which consider the weight and height of two factors. BMI is simple, practical, may reflect systemic overweight and obesity. In the measurement of the body due to overweight and facing heart disease, hypertension and other risk, than simply to identify body weight, more accuracy.



(2). How to use BMI?


(1)Using the inner dial (height), align your height measurement to the outer weight measurement. Once aligned correctly, view the inner window for your BMI reading.


(2)Using the tape measure: Select the male or female side of the tape measure (see icons) making sure the correct side is facing outwards and then wrap the tape around the widest part of your stomach. This will give you a visual indication of whether exercise is required.


(3)Reading your measurement: The tape measure is colour coded and gives the user a visual indication of BMI reading area's. Green = Healthy, Orange = Overweight, Red = Obese



  1. What kinds of product could help people measure their circumference of their waist, arm or other part of body.


Wintape body tape measure


(1)Eco-friendly PVC plastic tape can pass Europe and the United States ROHS,En-71 and 6P (without phthalate)environmental testing,PE plastic tape measure especially fit Japanese market with more stringent environmental requirements.


(2)Automatically retractable measure tape by pushing the button on the case.They can be used to measure clothes length, waist circumference when you are on diet, height and head circumference of growing baby.Help to measure your size and check your progress if you are on diet.Simply pulling the measuring tape will keep the measurement locked in place. Great for travel, camping, shopping, and so on.


  1. This handy, compact tape measure is perfect to carry in your pocket or purse for those times when you need to measure something while on the go. It's also great to have around the house for quick measurements. Because the tape is flexible, it can fit around round objects as well as measuring straight lengths. When you pull out a length of tape, it stays in position. Then you hit the button to retract it.


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